New to Emmaus Church?


Nice to meet you!

We want to officially say hello! At Emmaus our mission is simple. The gospel of Jesus has changed our lives so much so, that we want our existence in Denver to be used by God to see more of the city we love be transformed by this beauty of love and grace and faith offered by Jesus. We see the greatest way to achieve this is to live intentionally in our neighborhoods in communities shaped by the same love, grace, and beauty displayed by Jesus. We call them Gospel Communities.

Emmaus is a church driven by hospitality and grace with the desire to make much of Jesus. We believe we are family, and we want to invite you to belong to this family too.


Discover Emmaus Social

If you want to learn more about Emmaus and are looking for a place to call home, our leadership host the “Discover Emmaus Social” every other month. This is a great way to learn in detail about who we are and where we are headed. Below you can find the information for the next social! If you would like to attend please RSVP in the form below and we will reach out ASAP.

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