Our current Intensive

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If you've been to Emmaus long enough, you know that we say that all of Scripture is really just one story, one story about our redeemer, Jesus.  We believe it's about Jesus, about redemption, because that's the good news we need to be transformed.  That's the good news we need to see Denver transformed!

At the same time, when I read about Israel in the Old Testament, it's hard to see where Jesus fits in.  How do I know that all those detailed laws are connected to Jesus?  How does Israel's journey to some territory in the middle of no where teach me about my loving savior?  Should I even be looking for Jesus in the Old Testament, and if I should, how can I find him with a straight face?  All of the questions are related to your hermeneutics, the principles by which you interpret a text.  This is what we'll be studying this summer, principles that we use to interpret passages, and not just principles that help us solve a puzzle, principles that help us see Jesus and be transformed by him.  These principles to understanding the Bible are meant to grow us deeper in our understanding of the Gospel, this intensive is meant to give us Gospel Depth.

Leader: Aaron Sanford

Material: Seeing Christ in All of Scripture

Dates: 1st Week of June through the last week of July

Location: Shift Workspaces at 4th and Corona


Why Gospel Intensives?

Lying at the center of our desire to see Denver transformed by the beauty of the Gospel is the necessity of seeing every area of our own lives transformed by the beauty of the Gospel, and Gospel Intensives were designed with that goal in mind. 

We believe that as we are increasingly transformed by the beauty of the Gospel, the Gospel becomes the heartbeat of our desires, our conversations, and our actions as we become a people made more into the image of our Savior.  While this is ultimately the goal of everything we do at Emmaus, Gospel Intensives aim to provide opportunities for participants to dig in more deeply, more intensely, to core Gospel truths that provide the foundation to our lives and the world around us.  

Each Gospel Intensive is an eight-week session focusing on one of three categories: Gospel Depth, Gospel History, or Gospel Application.  With Gospel Depth, we will spend time studying some deep questions pertaining to theology or ways we approach and interpret Scripture.  With Gospel History, we will explore how God has grown and preserved His church throughout history, which is still continuing today.  With Gospel Application, we will apply Gospel truths to our own hearts through some of life’s biggest challenges.

During each eight-week session, we will spend time interacting with material from experts in these fields so that we can dig deep into the Gospel realities that form the foundation of our lives.  Each of the three intensives will be offered once per year, and participants will have the option of participating in one, two, or all of them!