In the Gospel, our King Jesus came not to be served, but rather to serve.  In fact Jesus’ whole life was centered on glorifying God the Father through serving those around Him.  Those who follow Jesus are also called to serve their neighbors based on Jesus’ own example. At Emmaus Church we desire to follow Jesus by serving Denver together.  Here are some of the ways in which our Gospel Communities are currently serving the city.  Come follow Jesus with us by serving alongside of us in the city.



The Harvard Gulch Gospel Community is now connecting and serving International Students at the University of Colorado Denver. They are building friendships and sharing their homes and hope in Christ with people from all around the world. Statistics show that 70-80% of international students never enter an American home during their stay and many have never heard the Gospel. Join the Harvard Gulch Gospel Community in serving and sharing Jesus with international students.  

athmar park 

The Athmar Park Gospel Community has just finished a season of helping teach English to Sudanese refugees and are now serving in the Athmar Park Neighborhood. They are still exploring different needs and opportunities in their community. Join the Athmar Park Gospel Community as they serve their neighbors.


The University neighborhood Gospel Community is currently exploring different opportunities within their neighborhood as they seek to become more and more impressed with Jesus first and foremost in their own group.  Join the University Gospel Community as they grow in their awe of the Gospel and as they explore opportunities to serve their neighborhood.  

capitol hill 

The Capitol Hill Gospel Community is currently serving the Baker neighborhood by cohosting a monthly game night at Hirschfeld Towers, which is a low income housing complex.  The Baker neighborhood is a very diverse neighborhood, and the residents of Hirschfeld Towers are often overlooked in many of the neighborhood's HOA discussions.  We aim to build relationships with those in our church's neighborhood who are often viewed as outsiders.  

City park west

The City Park Gospel Community is seeking out ways to build relationships with their neighbors in and around City Park.  They aim to accomplish this by regularly inviting neighbors to park days where grilling and games provide a common bonding ground (because loves good food, and who doesn't love games?) and other events hosted within the neighborhood. Join the City Park Gospel Community as they build relationships within their neighborhood in order to make disciples by making much of Jesus. 

If you would like to get involved in any of these serving opportunities click here to contact us.